The Value of a Healthy Workforce

Occupational health, otherwise known as workplace health, has become increasingly significant in recent years as more and more employers are realizing the importance of a healthy workforce. Learn about the benefits of promoting a healthy workforce, ways to create a healthy workforce within your organization, and how Washington Occupational Health Associates can help keep your employees happy and healthy.

Benefits of a Healthy Workforce

There are so many benefits to promoting occupational health within your organization.

Less Absenteeism

One of the major benefits of keeping your employees healthy is that they will be absent less often, which will save your organization a lot of money by limiting productivity loses. According to the Centers for Disease Control, “Productive losses linked to absenteeism cost employers $225.8 billion or $1,685 per employee.” Keeping your employees healthy means they will show up to work, which means your organization won’t suffer huge monetary loses.

Increased Productivity

Occupational health is directly correlated to productivity. Healthy employees feel good and therefore have the ability to stay focused at work, which leads to increased productivity.

Less Turnover

Happy and healthy employees tend to stay at their organizations longer than unhealthy employees, which leads to less employee turnover. According to research conducted by Gallup, employees that “miss fewer days due to illness, are less likely to leave their companies.”

Improved Staff Morale

Healthy organizations tend to have a higher staff morale, which is essential in maintaining a positive work environment. Healthy employees are happy employees!

Reduced Health Care/Insurance Costs

Organizations with a healthy workforce means less employees are getting sick and need to use their employer provided health benefits. This means you as an organization will save on health care and insurance costs, which are constantly on the rise.

Creating a Healthy Workforce

As an employer, there are many things you can do to foster a healthy workforce.

1. Offer discounted or free gym memberships.
A whopping 59% of employees don’t get enough exercise. Making gym memberships more affordable or even free will help get more of your employees exercising, which in turn, will help them become healthier.

2. Provide healthy snacks.
This is a great way to help your employees eat better. Keep healthy snacks like fruit and nuts in the kitchen and in common areas for your employees to snack on when they are hungry. You can also stock any onsite vending machines with healthier options.

3. Offer annual no-cost medical exams and physicals.
Bring doctors onsite once a year, so your employees can get a free annual medical exam. This will allow your employees stay on top of their health and give them the ability to address any medical issues that may arise early on and take the necessary steps for treatment. Plus, by bringing doctors to them, your employees won’t have to take time off to go get a physical.

4. Set up a yearly flu shot clinic.
Offering annual flu shots can really help keep your workforce healthy as “the most effective measure of Influenza protection is immunization.”

5. Conduct pre-employment and fitness for duty physicals.
Help keep workplace injuries at bay by ensuring your employees are “fit for duty” and will be able to safely perform all the necessary functions of their jobs. If your organization employs drivers requiring a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), then offer DOT physicals. This also protects your organization by ensuring that your workforce is in compliance with important Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations.

How WOHA Can Help

Founded in 1980 and located in the heart of Washington, DC, Washington Occupational Health Associates is one of the most experienced and trusted providers of occupational, environmental, and preventive medicine. We assist our clients in designing and executing fully customizable medical programs to service any type of workforce nationwide. Our vast network of over 3,500 subcontracted medical providers are top-notch and all perform according to our rigorous professional standards.

Our vast array of nationwide services include:

Let us help keep your employees healthy, happy, and productive!

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