Travel Healthy: What You Need To Know About Travel Immunizations

Traveling abroad can be an exciting and eye-opening experience. However, international travelers can be exposed to serious health risks while out of the country. Being informed about travel immunizations helps you stay healthy so you can enjoy your next adventure. By creating a travel health plan, you help protect yourself from serious diseases, such as measles and typhoid. Here are some considerations when creating your travel health plan.

Consider Timing

Vaccinations can require several days to several weeks to take effect. The CDC recommends consulting a medical expert at least 4-6 weeks before your travel. You will then have time to complete multiple rounds of vaccinations, if needed. Your body also needs this time to build the proper immunity. Be sure to provide your healthcare expert with an accurate departure date and expected duration of your trip.

Consult an Expert

A Travel Immunization clinic can provide expert advice and treatment to help prepare for your trip abroad. This type of clinic specializes in identifying specific vaccination needs by country and can often provide more comprehensive and up-to-date recommendations than a general practice. They can also differentiate mandatory vaccines from recommended vaccines. Travel Immunization Clinics can provide:

  • Pre-travel consultations
  • Vaccination documentation
  • Needed prescriptions
  • Post-travel consultations
  • Diagnostic services

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Come Prepared

Once you have found a Travel Immunization Clinic, you should prepare for your pre-travel consultation. There is information that your physician will need to make the proper recommendations. By completing preliminary research on your end, you can work with your physician to create a comprehensive travel health plan. Some considerations are:

  • Are you up to date on your current vaccinations, like MMR?
  • Do you need to provide specific documentation to enter your destination?
  • Are you traveling to multiple locations, or is it possible you may change your itinerary?
  • Are you traveling with minors that may require further vaccinations?

Washington Occupational Health Associates are experts in Travel Immunization services. Our on-site DC clinic can provide you with trusted advice and healthcare services to help you prepare for your trip.

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