Each year, WOHA plays an important role in the protection of our community against seasonal flu. Serving both private and public agencies to provide consultation, case management, and policy, our seasonal flu program can help to keep your workforce healthy.

The most effective measure of Influenza protection is immunization. Protect yourself, your employees, and the public through vaccination against seasonal flu.

Seasonal Flu Vaccinations

WOHA can provide Seasonal Flu Vaccinations either on a walk-in basis in our conveniently located clinic or on-site at your facility.

On-Site Services

Our on-site vaccination services are conveniently offered to local businesses. For more information about our mobile flu services, please contact us for more information at 202-463-6698. Ready to set up a clinic for your office? Use our online form to request an appointment.

Steps you, the employer, can take to maintain a healthy workforce

  • Vaccinate your employees.
  • Stockpile antiviral medications.
  • Utilize an emergency notification system to ensure complete communication with all personnel.
  • Train and educate employees on safe work practices:
    • Stay home when sick.
    • Cover cough with arm/sleeve.
    • Wash hands and keep sanitizers handy.
    • Use of PPE, such as masks.
    • Be mindful of personal contact.
  • Implement engineering controls such as proper ventilation, access to disinfectants, etc.