We are experienced providers of Board certified Medical Director Services. Our resources include highly skilled and experienced occupational physicians, occupational nurses, industrial hygienists, support staff and systems designed to insure a coordinated, efficient and timely response to client’s needs. Medical Director Services are provided for a variety of differing needs and purposes and include:

Policy, Procedures, Standards and Professional Oversight

  • Development of corporate medical policies that include pre-placement and periodic examination programs (OSHA & ADA compliance), drug and alcohol testing (DOT compliance), short and long term disability, corporate medical services offered by corporation, worker’s compensation, and medical policies and procedures.
  • Audit and oversight of corporate medical activities that include management of contracted medical services and regulatory compliance (OSHA, TSCA, DOT).
  • Site visits for health hazard evaluation and incident investigation

24-Hour Emergency Response

  • High level toxicological expertise when required on an emergent basis.
  • Experienced professional involvement in coordinated corporate response.
  • Risk assessment and risk communication.

Corporate Medical Director Role

  • Cross-functional consulting and interaction with other departments as needed e.g. Legal, Benefits, Human Resources, Public Relations, Government Relations, and Product Safety.