Washington Occupational Health Associates, Inc. (WOHA) has considerable experience in indoor air quality investigations. Our multi-disciplinary approach incorporates medical, epidemiological, toxicology, and industrial hygiene expertise. Typically, such investigations include clinical evaluations of affected individuals, industrial hygiene surveys, analysis and reporting of the findings, and assistance in communicating these findings to management and occupants.

Staff of Board Certified Physicians

The findings and recommendations from an indoor air quality (IAQ) investigation must address the all important question of: “What are the health effects, if any, of the suspect exposures?” WOHA has the unique capability of supporting an industrial hygiene IAQ investigation as your medical consultant. WOHA has extensive experience performing as expert medical consultants on IAQ projects. WOHA has a staff of Board certified physicians that specialize in internal medicine, occupational medicine, environmental medicine, preventive medicine and toxicology as well as technical experts who can assist in your efforts.

How We Can Help

The questionnaires and interviews that are typically performed as part of an IAQ investigation should be reviewed by trained medical personnel. WOHA will help determine the most appropriate role we can assume for each IAQ investigation. The interpretation of a large number of questionnaires with diverse responses is often necessary to help pinpoint the source of the poor air quality. If medical records need to be reviewed as part of the investigation WOHA will work with you to help solve the building’s IAQ problem.