Independent medical examinations (IME) are performed at the request of a third party to obtain an unbiased medical evaluation concerning an employee’s ability to work, or degree of medical impairment, by a board-certified physician. All physicians are certified independent medical examiners by the American Board of Medical Specialties. The examination can be tailored to the needs of the third party, but typically includes a medical history, evaluation, diagnoses, a medical treatment plan, and prognosis for future care or recovery.

Commonly Requested IMEs:

  • A questionable diagnosis in a Worker’s Compensation claim
  • A second opinion to assist reviewing officials
  • A disability claim is contested
  • An unexplained failure to recover from a personal injury/illness
  • Substantive questions regarding current medical care
  • An employee has been absent for an unusually long time period

Additional Components:

  • Laboratory tests to confirm diagnosis
  • Interpretation of ancillary medical tests to confirm diagnosis
  • Direct communication between third parties and the treating physicians

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