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CDC data shows that adults are largely unvaccinated against preventable infectious diseases. The consequence? Disease Resurgence.

For over six decades, vaccines have protected us against infectious diseases, from influenza to measles to polio.  Unfortunately, some preventable diseases persist because vaccines do not reach 100% of the population due to lack of awareness or the decision to skip routine vaccination.  New data from the CDC show that:

  • There has been a decrease in routine pneumococcal vaccination.  Did you know that pneumonia infection, a sometimes fatal complication of the seasonal flu, can be prevented by this vaccine?  The vaccine is recommended for everyone 65 and older as well as younger high-risk adults.
  • Only 10% of eligible adults (those over 60) take advantage of the Shingles vaccine. Shingles can arise in anyone who has had chickenpox and often causes excruciating pain.  Yet, the difficult-to-treat infection can be prevented with a simple vaccination.
  • The importance of getting vaccinated against Human Pappilomavirus (HPV), cannot be overstated.  The virus affects 70% of Americans in their lifetime and can cause cervical, head, and neck cancers.  This life-saving vaccine is recommended for all women ages 19-26.
  • Healthy adults who choose not to be vaccinated, infect high-risk patients, leading to grave consequences. This year alone, 10 infants have died in California from an ongoing Pertussis (Whooping Cough) epidemic, a disease once considered obsolete.

WOHA offers all of these vaccines. Seriously consider routine vaccination, and help us eradicate preventable diseases.  One reason the CDC offers for low vaccination rates is a breakdown in doctor-patient communication.  We are here for you.  We urge you to ask, and are more than happy to answer all of your questions about routine vaccination.  Learn more about routine vaccination from the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID).

WOHA provides routine immunization, travel immunization, and flu vaccination services from our Washington D.C. Clinic.

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