WOHA recognizes that protecting the health of key management personnel is of paramount importance to any organization. Our mission is to provide quality preventive care through yearly evaluation, as most medical conditions, if detected early, have a greater chance of being treated successfully. We offer comprehensive, efficient, and confidential medical examinations for busy executives.

Healthy Executives Lead Healthy Businesses.

Through WOHA’s Executive Physical Program, both management and their organizations reap the benefits of annual preventative medical care. WOHA has set the standard for the management of nationwide medical examination programs, and our executive physicals are no exception.  Executives are treated to an extensive evaluation that is uniquely personal, professional, and affordable.

We pride ourselves on our ability to custom design our executive physicals to meet each company’s standards.  Exams can be further adjusted to meet individual needs.  A complete history and physical examination are the basic building blocks of all our diagnostic programs.  Also included are several additional components that are age and gender dependent, or based upon preference.  Additionally, as board-certified specialists in the fields of internal and occupational medicine, we offer health care programs that further benefit executives including travel medicine, fitness assessment, and specialty exams.

At the conclusion of the exam, our physicians provide a personal consultation and answer any questions that may arise. Our physicians will review the executive’s medical history, past and present lifestyle, physical exam, all ancillary tests, and provide a comprehensive narrative report following the visit.

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