How Executive Physicals Can Increase Your ROI


Today’s companies are looking for innovative ways to become more productive and competitive. One the best ways companies can achieve this is by investing in the health of its employees. In a report by the CDC, workplace health programs, including executive physicals, can help to protect against negative productivity effects of illness and poor health. Having healthy leaders running your business can help to ensure the success of your company for several reasons.


In the study performed by the CDC, it has been reported that healthy employees are more likely to contribute to a company’s profitability. Healthy employees use less sick days, and are more productive as a whole.  By conducting complete medical history evaluations, and extensive examinations, executive physicals can provide preventative measures to help keep your company leaders healthy. According to a study done by the University of Michigan,  executives who underwent physical exams had 20% fewer health claims and lost 45% fewer workdays than those who did not.


Businesses can often not spare the top executives for multiple appointments at various specialists. An executive physical is a one stop shop, where individuals can customize the evaluations they need to have performed. If a problem comes up during the physical, executives are can be referred to a specialist immediately.  With less time out of the office, executives have more time to focus on company goals.


Businesses can save money through executive physicals due to their customizable nature. These exams can be custom designed to meet company standards. They can also be adjusted further based on individual needs like age, gender, or special circumstances. By tailoring the exam to your company’s standards, you can meet qualifications that may be able help to reduce insurance premiums, and increase benefits for employees.

WOHA Executive Physicals

Washington Health Associates has set the standard for executive physicals. Our personalized and professional services can be tailored to meet your company’s standards. We offer thorough personal consultations which include, medical history evaluations and physical exams. Our services are affordable, efficient, and confidential. Let us help keep your busy executives healthy. Contact us today to learn more about our services.