Washington Occupational Health Associates

Medical Surveillance Programs

Medical surveillance coupled with biological monitoring is a valuable tool in protecting workers from the harmful health effects associated with exposure to hazardous materials. WOHA provides medical surveillance programs for the asbestos, lead, hazardous waste, manufacturing, and general industrial marketplaces.

WOHA powers a secure Web Portal along with a new and improved medical monitoring database.

WOHA leads the way in tracking employee fit-for-duty status and drug/alcohol test results. We have launched a major upgrade to our legacy medical monitoring application (MONITOR 3.0) that facilitates more efficient managing and reporting of results. In tandem, we deployed a .NET based web portal to allow selected clients to check employee exams and drug/alcohol test results as well as notify WOHA of upcoming exams and download medical forms. Behind two firewalls, the portal provides secure access 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week anywhere in the world where there is internet access. Our web portal provides simple navigation of confidential data only to approved users. This internet based solution permits delivery of medical certifications directly to your desktop and maintains HIPAA compliance. We can provide a demonstration of these capabilities through a WOHA hosted net conference.

WOHA develops custom tailored medical protocols to meet the specific requirements of each client, thereby providing valuable support in protecting workers and meeting the client's regulatory requirements. WOHA administers, on a nationwide basis, medical surveillance program responsive to a variety of federal regulations including:

WOHA's team of Board certified occupational physicians, nurses, industrial hygienists, and technical support personnel are uniquely qualified to address occupational health issues facing a broad cross-section of industries. Proprietary database and management information systems give WOHA physicians on-line access to medical records for every patient encounter.

WOHA sets the standard for contemporary management of national medical surveillance programs.

WOHA's established national network of Board certified physicians can provide medical services in most North American regions, from our headquarters in Washington, D.C. to our network of over 3000 clinics in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.   Our quality control procedures ensure professional care for your employees as well as providing as rapid turnaround time as exists within the industry. Our affiliation with national full service medical laboratories, in close proximity to WOHA's corporate headquarters, enables WOHA to provide uniform and consistent laboratory analyses regardless of location.